Markets & Applications

Market & ApplicationWe manufacture components that are both standard and customized.Lock-Ridge Tool brings technology to the forefront of pre-production and manufacturing to meet or exceed our clients requirements from product development to final manufacturing in one seamless process.

Market & ApplicationPunch press stamping and sheet metal welding is used for a realm of projects.We are committed to supplying quality products on time and to all of our customer specifications. Our goal is to manufacture products that exceed our customer’s requirements at a cost that permits competitive pricing.

Market & ApplicationWe fabricate parts for customers with the highest demands and expectations.Weather your project needs are for quick turn-around, a simple prototype or high production runs , Lock-Ridge Tool will be your partner for precision, outstanding quality, on-time delivery, and competitive pricing.

Market & ApplicationWe work directly with your company to bring your products to the customers.Lock-Ridge Tool has over fifty years experience as an advanced manufacturer in sheet metal stamping and fabrication. We specialize in providing precision sheet metal parts to manufacturers of commercial and consumer products.

Market & ApplicationOur equipment works together to provide quality production at competitive prices.We offer enormous and flexible capacities and can manufacture all of your sheet metal fabrication needs including CNC Machining, Laser Cutting Technology, Amada punch press (turret punch), Robotic welding, Spot welding services, chrome and more

Market & ApplicationWe provide your one-stop manufacturing solutions saving you time and money.Contact Lock-Ridge Tool for all your sheet metal fabrication needs including machining, welding, stamping, tooling, mechanical assembly and punching. With tight deadlines and complex designs we have the machine shop capabilities to produce the metal formed products your customers want.