Lock-Ridge Tool Co. segments the workflow into the following areas of operation:

Each area is supported by advanced technology and personnel with many years of operational experience. Click on the
links listed above to see the tools employed and samples of high quality output.

Equipment List:

1 Amada EM2510 Punch Press with Loader
1 Amada Astro HE100
1 Amada RGM21003 Press Brake
1 Amada HD 1703 5 Axis Press Brake
1 Amada RG-80 Press Brake
1 Amada RD-50 Press Brake
1 Amada RD-33 Press Brake
1 Amada 316-10 Shear w/NC BG
1 Amada FOL Laser with auto loader
1 Amada Pulsar A4-NT Laser with auto loader
1 Amada LC3015 F1 Laser with auto loader.
1 Salvagnini P2 Panel Bender

1 Minster 7 OBI 75 Tons
1 Minster 6 OBI 60 Tons
1 Niagra 40 Ton Gap Frame
1 250 Ton Pacific Press Former (Hydraulic)
1 Verson 300 Ton Gap Frame
4 Bench Masters 2 to 25 Tons

4 Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machines
1 Herco Vertical Milling Machine
1 Wells Index Vertical Milling Machine
1 15” Polamco Lathe
1 17” Leblond Lathe
1 Harvel Surface Grinder
1 Brown & Sharpe Surface Grinder
1 Wells & Sons Hyd. Horizontal Saw
1 Grob Vertical Saw w/ Positive Feed
1 Mitsubishi FX 10 Wire EDM
1 Haas VF1 CNC Mill
1 Haas VF3 CNC Mill

Micro Flat Surface Tables
Various Calipers
Various Height Gages with Digital Read Out
Set Pin Gages
Gauge Blocks
Complete Hand Inspection Equipment

Panasonic Robotic Welding System PA102S
3 300 Amp Lincoln MIG Welder
Syncrowave 250 TIG Welder
2 Syncrowave 350 TIG Welder
3 Sciaky 75 KVA Spot Welders
4 Haeger Pem Inserting Machines
2 Yausa Auto Tapping Machine
36” Time Saver Grain Machine
16” Chop Saw
50 cu ft Vibrator Deburr Machine
10 cu ft Vibrator Deburr Machine
4-6,000 lb & 1-4,000 lb Fork Lifts
6 Pallet Jacks
12’ Stake Bed Delivery Truck
26’ Bobtail Delivery Truck
53’ Tractor/Trailer Delivery Truck